Kristen Gill

Kristen Gill

Writer + Photographer + Storyteller

Award-winning writer, editor, broadcaster, and photographer covering business, science, technology, travel, tourism, conservation, lifestyle, and culture for various publications.

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Race to Alaska — Iditarod of the High Seas – Kristen Gill – Medium

Billed as “The Iditarod with a Chance of Drowning,” the R2AK involves racing 750 miles with no motors and no support.

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Diverse and Dynamic Chile - by Kristen Gill for Travel Redefined

Wending from the mountains in the south to northern desert terrain, Kristen Gill discovers how Chile hits all the high points for adventure travelers.

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PROFILES Kristen Gill: Writer, Photographer, and Adventurer

We had the good fortune of connecting with Kristen through an online writing community. Once we grew familiar with her work, it was a no-brainer to feature her in a profile. As much as we love the PNW, it’s great (and necessary) to be reminded that there’s life outside of it, too, and Kristen, a self-employed world traveler, knows plenty about that.

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How To Stand Up Paddle Board | Beginners Guide | Isle Surf and SUP

Learn all about stand up paddle boarding and how it started, plus some helpful tips and SUP gear guides for beginners. Below you can find everything you need to know to get out on the water and have a safe and fun paddle.

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A Conversation with Kristen Gill | Travel Writing 2.0 Blog

Kristen Gill is an adventure travel writer who believes in diversifying portfolios and creating niche markets in order to be successful. A journalist who has been featured on places like NPR, she recently launched her own company, Kristen Gill Media, which provides storytelling services for businesses. In our interview today, she talks to us about managing various projects, breaking into the business, and what’s in store for her next. Enjoy!

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The Photographing Tourist: A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography

Editor for The Photographing Tourist: A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography

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Bulgaria by Kristen Gill: Travel | Blurb Books

"My vision is to examine photography's place in contemporary culture, as well as explore its possibilities for social change. I have slept in caves in remote forests in Brazil, lived with hill tribes in northern Vietnam, laughed with the Irish over pints of Guinness, and documented street protests in Spain and Argentina. My approach with photography is to capture diverse cultures, but also to find the commonality between people."

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The Wait Is Over: Check Out the Winners of Our Travel Horror Story ...

We asked, you delivered. Though we received a TON (we mean a TON) of amazingly horrifying travel horror stories, we managed to somehow narrow it down to the top three. Sure, there were some staff disagreements, but in the end, this is a democracy and majority won. Read on if you dare and discover the terrifying tales of your fellow travelers: "Breaking a Leg in Macedonia – a Haiku by a Seasoned Traveler"

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Explorer Extraordinaire - by Kristen Gill for Silkwinds Magazine Singapore

With his expeditions in six continents spanning 40 years, Mandip Singh Soin embodies the spirit of adventure.

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{Quoted in} These 3 Resume Mistakes Are Too Common — And Costly

These 3 Resume Mistakes Are Too Common — And Costly

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Into the Wild - by Kristen Gill for Silkwinds Magazine Singapore

Unhappy with the low-radar profiling of her country, a Harvard Business School graduate took matters into her own hands. The Result? An award-winning company promoting authentic travel experiences.

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Two worlds meet at Sheya Shuushona - The Namibian

Two worlds meet at Sheya Shuushona Conservancy - The Namibian

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Wanderlust & Lipstick

Death in Namibia - Wanderlust and Lipstick

Eating the wrong plant in Namibia can have bad consequences. When Kristen Gill tangles with euphorbia, a spiritual rebirth is the last thing she expects....

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Attitude and Adventure at Bora Bora KXT Ironmana

I flew to the middle of the South Pacific to document this, the 13th annual festival, which prominently featured standup paddle boarding, as competitors from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and more joined Tahitian SUPers in several standup races.

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Replacing Puddles with Pedals - Cycling the Southern Okanagan in Penticton, Canada